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Furniture Assembly Parts Packaging Solutions
Nov 02, 2018

With the development of the times, the furniture has grown into a wide variety of products, with different materials, varieties and usage.

 Furniture refers to large items such as wardrobes, tables, beds, sofas, etc.

According to functional furniture, it is divided into: office furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture (equipment) and auxiliary furniture.

The furniture contains:

Living room: sofa, sofa chair, long (square) coffee table, three-person sofa or single, corner (phone), TV cabinet, wine cabinet, and decorative cabinet

Aisle: Shoe cabinet, locker, console cabinet, partition

Bedroom: bed, bedside table, couch, pillow, wardrobe, dressing table, vanity mirror, hanger

Kitchen: cabinets, range hoods, cookers, pendants, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, cutlery

Restaurant: dining table, dining chair, sideboard, corner cabinet, bar counter

Bathroom: washbasin, toilet, shower screen, bathtub, shower, mop pool, urinal, toilet paper, floor drain, toilet

Study room: bookshelf, desk chair, file cabinet,

Foyer: Shoe cabinet, locker, umbrella stand

With so many types of furniture, it is bound to have a package of assembled parts. Each furniture production plant is equipped with a package of components for different needs. With the subdivision of services, many packaging-containing parts are on the market, facilitating the first-line factories and refining the service market.

How to customize a furniture assembly parts packaging machine is appropriate? Ruian Kally Machinery warmly reminds you:

1. Match the overall furniture assembly parts package, defined as specialization, or generalized design;

2. Whether it is necessary to match the printing of the specifications and models of the outer bag when printing, eliminating unnecessary secondary labeling process;

3, the generalized design must take into account the commonality of the common parts, according to the actual needs and mixed needs to identify;

4, the station to rationalize the design, it is recommended to reserve the future development of the station design;

5. Most factories can match the data requirements of various on-site production, and the visual programming of various production data is included in the packaging machine segment;

6, the packaging machine can meet the different packages type, chain bag or mixing packing for different accessories, different special requirement from customers.

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