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Perfect packaging solutions for lighting assembly hardware kits
Jul 14, 2018

Perfect packaging solutions for lighting assembly hardware kits

Either indoor light or outdoor light, assembly kits is essential for user to install. Lights fittings are some accessories related to lighting. They are accessories for the assembly and molding of lamps. Usually, such fittings are an important part of installing fixtures. What are the fixtures? And according to the protecting requirement, there will be some small accessories such as rubber plugs, buckles, wire connector, wire buckles, pipe plugs, screws, washers etc. 

Following list the parts which our customer need to pack, let me show you: 

Yes, 4 kind of accessories:

1) Screw + plastic expansion anchors + rubber washer

2) Screw + plastic parts 1 + plastic parts 2+ plastic parts 3

3) Screw + plastic parts 1 + plastic parts 2

4) Screw + expansion tube

According to above packing requirement, we analyzed the automation process and give our packing solutions as below:

1) Plastic parts 1: irregular shaped, we recommended to feed by hand;

2) Plastic parts 2: same as above

3) Plastic parts 3: The customer indicates that the amount is small and there is no need to automate;

4) Then the automatic accessories are only: screws, plastic anchor, rubber washers. 

We given our drawing of machine as below: 

And we want to make clear, the machine can be also customized as automatic feeding of the plastic parts 1, 2, 3.  However, we believe that such a design is completely consistent with the production requirements. Even in the next 10 years, even there will be any new fittings is added to the package, this semi-autoamtic lighting fittings packaging equipment can still meet the packaging needs between certain size range.

In the design of the station, the manual feeding station is fully enough for 4 people (actually in production, it is possible to supply only 2 people at most). The speed of manual feeding is completely calculated by the human hand, because the speed of the machine is adjustable according to the maturity of the manual feeding.

When packaging the plastic anchor + screw, stop one of the vibrator, turn off the conveyor belt, turn on the vibrator for screw and plastic anchor for automatic feeding, the machine is operated easily. Packing of 4+4pcs of each fittings, the speed will be approx. 30-40 bags/min.  its high effective, I think. And for combine for other parts, same like this...

Lighting industry, the lights comes in come in all shapes and sizes. There was more and more complex assembly kits packaging..... 

Regardless of the packaging requirements, customized machine for you always! 

Ruian Kally Machinery always believes: only with more considerations of production requirements, that we can offer more reasonable design and more efficient packaging output!

Lighting accessories/assembly hardware kits counting packing machine, always be your best choise! 

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    Add: No.6 Ting Tian Industry Area, Ting Tian Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
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