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Auto Terminal Packing Machine

Auto Terminal Packing Machine

Auto terminal packing machine 1)application: Battery terminal packaging Connectors packaging eyelet terminal packaging Terminals packaging copper terminals packaging Automatic counting, sealing packaging Export to different countries, can make different sealing requirements, such as packaging......
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Automatic electrical terminal  packing machine

1. Introduction


  • Battery  terminal packaging

  • Connectors  packaging

  • eyelet  terminal packaging

  • Terminals  packaging

  • copper  terminals packaging

  • Automatic  counting, sealing packaging

  • Export  to different countries, can make different sealing requirements, such as  packaging machines on both sides can be customized.

  • Suitable  for rapid packaging for single and irregular materials.For example, screws,  nut, gasket, bearings, plastic parts, furniture accessories, toy accessories.

  • widely  used in many industires, such as:Hardware industry, fastener industry, industry  standard parts, metal stamping parts, rubber, rubber and plastic industry,  lighting industry, electronic industry, decorative accessories, doors and  Windows accessories, furniture, cabinet hardware accessories, communications  equipment accessories, accessories railway highway equipment, antenna hardware  accessories, home appliance hardware accessories, sofa hardware accessories,  fitness equipment accessories, monitoring equipment accessories, bicycle parts,  auto parts, sanitary toilet hardware fittings, solar accessories, all kinds of  electrical accessories, household appliances accessories, such as small metal  products.


2)Main Technical Parameter

 Vertical packaging machine:

  • Packing Speed:1-50Bags/min (Depending on the amount of packaging)

  • Measure Range: One single specification 1-100 PCS (Adjustable)

  • Bag Size Making:L40-180mm W20-140mm

  • Total Power:2.0KW/220V

  • Film Thickness:0.02-0.15mm

  • Overall Dimensions:1200*1200*1680mm

  • Bag sealing:3-side sealing、Back sealing

  • Packaging materials:OPP、polyethylene film(PE)、Complex Film etc.

  • Processing customized:Yes

  • Gross Weight:350KG

Double side sealing packing machine:

  • Packing Speed: 1-30 Bags/min (Depending  on the amount of packaging)

  • Measure Range: Each single specification  1-100 PCS (Random adjustable)(Count packaged products must not be mutually  integral hook)

  • Bag Size Making:L40-400mm  W40-250mm

  • Total Power:2.0KW/220V(Depending  on the quantity)

  • Film Thickness:0.02-0.15mm

  • Outside Dimensions:2000*3000*1500mm(Depending  on the quantity)

  • Bag sealing:2-side sealing

  • Packaging materials:PE Tube Film

  • Processing customized:Yes

  • Gross Weight:450KG

2、Technical Features

1)Technical Features
 1. High speed packaging, two vibration  plate  + double hopper chute
 2. Accurate counting, counting area optical  fibers, 1000 screw, packaging 2000 bags,only one bag of error
 3. The bipolar control, with high speed and  accuracy of packing
 4. Fine workmanship, durable equipment
 5. Humanization design, excellent  man-machine communication, pay attention to the user experience
 6. Continue to upgrade, according to  customer more demand.

2)Machine detailed show
 Double-disc count packaging machine (Double sides  sealed package host)

 Three count packing machine (vertical packaging host)
 3)Packaging sample

3)Video reference

3、Application field:
  • Electronic industries

  • Electrical industries

4. Our service


Kally  company consists of a young and dynamic team. We work enthusiastically and  conscientiously to provide you with everything from advice on packaging,  design, development, sales and service.   In the development of innovative products, Kally has been at the  forefront of the packaging machine industry. Not only that, Kally also  committed to promoting and advocating advanced packaging concepts, and guide  customers to "liberate the productive forces and eliminate labor".

  • Pre-sales:  we provide professional advice, programming, and design every packaging machine  solutions.

  • On-purchase: Strict sales  management and control system, to provide customers with the best  cost-performance solutions

  • After-sales:  warranty for one year, long-life maintenance, quick response, operating  training.

Installation  Service
 Installation  Services are available with all new machine purchases. We will provide the  technical know-how for your operation smooth transition and support for  installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to  use this machine well.
 After  Sales Service
 We offer  the Preventative Maintenance and After Sales Service. For we strongly feels  about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we  provide.Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options to prevent  equipment issues before they become problems. Also we offer one year guarantee  period.
 In one  words,your satisfaction is our pursuit forever!








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