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Sewing Machine Wire Frame Accessories Packaging Machine, To Be The Industry's Leading Optimizer!
Jul 21, 2018

Sewing machine wire frame accessories packaging machine, to be the industry's leading optimizer!

Speaking of it, the automation optimization of this industry is a newcomer.

Sewing machine wire racks, sewing winders, these terms are no stranger?

Let me interduce of the accessories matching with sewing thread rack: 

When we first got this kit, we suggested customer to implement the manual feeding package for the following reasons:

Firstly, most of the workpieces are too large in shape, and the full automation efficiency is not faster than the manual efficiency;

Second, some parts are assembly parts, which are easy to fall apart in the vibration plate, and poor packaging;

Thirdly, the appearance of the material does not support the arrangement of the vibrating plate. Whether it is between the product and the product, or between the product and the disk surface, it will form a surface damage to the packaging material, which is not conducive to automatic alignment;


I really admire the well-prepared customers, and now I have informed myself of the disintegration of the packaging. After preliminary negotiation, the packaging automation is defined as:


So the drawing of the machine for reference: 

Sometimes, automation is not about total automation, but how to optimize production, how to optimize manpower, how to maximize efficiency, and to take the output of the packaging segment to another new level – this is the focus of optimization.

A lot of customers will not accept semi-automation machine, please try to search for the automation manufacturers!

And there are customers who will give priority to this idea. Mr. Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer, once praised: "The first time people who eat crabs are very admirable, isn't the warrior who dares to eat it?" However, the first person to eat crabs is the first to be optimized. Get the price advantage first, and win the first place in the market competition of the market...

Sewing machine wire rack accessories packing machine, sewing thread winding shelf fittings packing machine,  how to call it, it is not important now, and we think the best packaging effective for this industries is the most which people care for, right?  

Every machine are customized, according to your detailed requirement, please kindly contact us for more. 


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    Add: No.6 Ting Tian Industry Area, Ting Tian Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-577-65112639
    Fax: +86-577-65112670
    Mobile: +8613587571010
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