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Find Your Packing Solutions
Jul 13, 2018


We provide a complete range of packaging solutions able to meet the needs of any industry: hardware, kits and components, furniture accessories, plastic and toys.

Providing the best fitting packaging for every product requests specific qualification.
Kally Machinery, for over 10 years, has put effort into the understand of our customers’ needs, answering to any specific packaging requirement.

Take advantage of our know-how: we are specialized partners for automation and our consultancy will help you to develop a new machine or to upgrade an existing model.



One of our strenght is to find packaging solutions for the hardware sector: we provide a wide range of machines especially designed and tested for hardware. We design and build high-performance counting/weighing and packing machines for screws, nuts, nails, rivets, washers, bolts, anchors etc.


Rubber & Plastic

Kally Machinery provides packaging solutions for the rubber and plastic industry, for the packaging of rubber O ring, oil seals, plastic items, plastic beads, toys, button, plastic anchors,  etc. Our machines are able to meet the packaging needs of a strictly regulated industry.


Furniture hardware

We build counting/weighing and packaging machines especially designed to assemble hardware and small parts kits including different elements such as minifix cam, wooden dowel pin, screws, plugs, hinges, furniture accessories etc.


Electronic & electron

We build packaging machines for the packaging of every kind of electronic elements, auto parts,  assembly kits, assembly accessories, fittings etc. 

 o.jpgOthers not specified

One of the distinguishing features of Kally Machinery has always been the ability to customize its packing machines in order to fully satisfy any customer's requirement.  Kindly inform us whatever is your product, even if it needs some particular and specific packaging circumstances. Our long standing experience gained in many different sectors will allow us to propose you and build the most efficient and fitting solution.

Other industries such as auto parts, stationery, toys, sanitary & bathroom, kitchen cabinet, doors & windows, lock fittings, lighting and lamp, fitness equipment, TV and vedio, clothing, luggage......

packing samples.jpg

plastic fittings sample.jpg

Over 10 years of work gave us the experience to provide packaging solutions for counting, bagging for accessories/fittings/assembly kits for various industries!  

We design and build vertical packing machine and packaging system. we are serious!  

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    Add: No.6 Ting Tian Industry Area, Ting Tian Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-577-65112639
    Fax: +86-577-65112670
    Mobile: +8613587571010
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