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Expansion Tube Hardware Parts Packaging Machinery
Jun 09, 2018

Expansion tube / plastic bulge / plastic tube expansion, different industries have given this fitting a different name, also known as the so-called "Gecko nail", but after all is a kind of plastic accessories, in all walks of life have been enabled by an accessory.

Expanding tube+screw mixing counting package is the most common mixed packing method.

If it is two kinds of mixed equipment, then you need to achieve double-counting packaging machine.

This dual-disc counting and packaging machine, different accessories, uses different counting components. For specific information, please contact Rui'an Kaili Machinery.


Scope of application

※ Fastener industry (screws, nuts, screws, gaskets, etc.)

※Hardware industry (decoration hardware, construction hardware, various hardware parts, etc.)

※ Electrical industry (electrical accessories, electrical installation kits, electrical accessories, etc.)

※ Plastic and rubber industry (ears, buttons, cloth wardrobe plastic parts, rubber gaskets, etc.)

※ Electronics industry (various electronic devices, accessories, accessories)

※Auto parts industry (cars, bicycles, electric cars, baby car accessories, etc.)

※ bathroom cabinet industry, furniture industry, solar energy industry and other related industries

Custom description

According to the packaging demand, non-standard customization. Single counting, multiple mixed counting packaging, automatic arrangement, automatic counting, automatic cutting, automatic sealing and other automatic packaging processes. How to customize, please specify the packaging requirements.

Expansion pipes have been introduced to all walks of life, so there will be different packaging requirements in the market, different combinations, and different customization of the equipment.

Technical features

1. The touch screen control system supports English and Chinese, and the operation is simple and practical.

2. The vibratory tray runs smoothly, with low noise, without damaging the raw materials. The precise counting control device is used to ensure the accuracy of counting and completely eliminate negative errors. Each feeder in the equipment can be opened or closed at will to facilitate production.

3. Each tray is filled with material stop, missing material alarm or shutdown device to ensure that each bag is accurate.

4, the device has a self-diagnosis function, when the fault can be automatically alarm or shutdown (alarm or shutdown user options), equipped with a number of emergency stop button, easy to operate.

5, the equipment can achieve automatic arrangement of materials, automatic counting, filling, sealing, packaging, transportation. The number of product packages can be freely adjusted, the number of bags can be controlled automatically, and the number of packages can be automatically displayed. The workload of the machine can be conveniently counted.

6, the device has a reliable safety protection function (safeguard devices are installed in all dangerous parts).

7, according to the requirements of customers to increase the vibration plate, feeding machine, bag punching device, coding machine, product conveyor and other equipment.

8, can also be based on the requirements of customers R & D and design a variety of non-standard machinery.

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    Add: No.6 Ting Tian Industry Area, Ting Tian Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
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