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Connector Accessories Packaging Machine For Our Customer
Jun 01, 2018

As we know telephone, network communication and computer connectors, plugs, sockets, board-end matching connectors;

Computer, communication and other precision connectors in various fields

Computer, consumer electronics and communications equipment and other field connectors

Computer module, telephone module, network connector

... there are many sayings

The demand for these connectors is very large. The statement is different from the application. The related parts packaging is similar. Please refer to the following attachments:

packing samples.jpg

This machine is special designed for our customer: 

The accessory package is mixed and has the following components

1) Molded Case: Size 2 General Purpose;

2) Inch screw: Some factories are not equipped;

3) U clamp (hose clamp/pipe clamp/tube clamp):

4) Washer:

5) Screws: M3*6mm M3*10mm

6) Inch screws:

7) M3 nuts:

The demand for 8 kinds of accessories mixed count packaging came out!

Connector accessories packaging machine.png

With the traditional packaging model, many factories in Ningbo have used aging human packaging, which has low output, low efficiency, and high error packet rate. The packaging section is particularly disturbing!

Therefore, in order to integrate this industry-wide packaging demand, we began to analyze and come up with the customization of the 8-disc counting packaging machine. The components are as follows:

1) Packaging machine: vertical, back sealing, Kally Machinery provides stainless steel box;

2) Vibration plate + counting component: Customized according to the sizes of 8 materials, 8 sets in total, supplemented by different counting components;

3) Conveyor belt: 1 strip, used for penetrating 8 transfer belts, defining the length according to the amount of work;

4) Finished Conveyor: For conveying finished products, 1 set, according to standard configuration.

The packaging has been improved and the efficiency is expected to be 20-30 bags per minute, depending on the number of mixed packages, and it is even expected to surpass 35 bags per minute.



This industry's automated packaging transformation is very necessary. According to incomplete statistics, more than 50% of the manufacturers use the pure hand-packing mode, and the per capita output per day is low. In order to save costs, the aging labor force is used, and most of the packaging components are small, and the error packet rate is very high. The overall situation of supply exceeds demand. Therefore, after the automation transformation, the efficiency of producing 1W packages per day is at least 3-5 times higher than the efficiency of pure hand packages. Of course, the number of different manpower and magnification are different. At the same time, we calculate that the rate of return on equipment is also very fast, resulting in efficiency and hand-packed costs that can be paid in about a year! Cost accounting methods are different and the results are different. Specifically, it depends on the actual manufacturer.

        In the end, we say that those who are determined to walk ahead will inevitably win!



Thank you for your continued attention and support to Ruian Kally Machinery!

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    Add: No.6 Ting Tian Industry Area, Ting Tian Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-577-65112639
    Fax: +86-577-65112670
    Mobile: +8613587571010
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