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Machines that can optimize manpower are also good machines
Jun 16, 2018

Exposure to a lot of industry accessories, in addition to fasteners are mostly standard can automatically arrange the count, the other similar to the decoration hardware, architectural hardware, metal stamping parts, hardware, electrical accessories, plastic rubber, electronic devices, automobile and motorcycle accessories, sanitary ware Hardware and other industry accessories, it is not so "regular." Involved in automatic packaging, it is inevitable that some companies will find a hard, tortuous.

        We have contacted quite a few industry customers. Most business owners are very avant-garde and intend to develop in the direction of fully automated packaging operations. Of course, from a large perspective, this is an optimistic side, and the management concepts of the bosses are up! Of course, different packaging requirements, we can strive to achieve automatic packaging, but when you work hard to be fully automatic, it may not be fully automatic equipment to play the work efficiency to win!

       Yes, when human resources meet the machine, new power is discovered...

       We say that a machine that can optimize manpower, whether it is full of intelligence or not, should be considered a good machine!

       Let's analyze the following product:

This is a small sample of customers. In addition to screws and washers, the customer has more than 80 models similar to this type of nut. The largest diameter is about 55mm in size. The customer insists on doing full automatic, one package, and screws. With other accessories, of course we can do most models compatible. However, starting from some requirements, we still recommend that customers configure more than one conveyor belt. Individual models of nuts can be manually assisted in the automation process. The client is very accommodating and fully understands our proposal. The equipment is configured smoothly, and the automatic feeder and conveyor bucket packing machine is honored! After using the client for a while, the WeChat circle of friends immediately "uses" the usability. Whenever customers have this feedback action, we are always happy! Of course, what we mainly want to say is that in the end, the customer told us: “Thank you for suggesting that I have configured this conveyor belt, not only eliminating the problem of many other accessories hand-packed, but most importantly, our workers’ methods now. Stolen little lazy, chasing the machine to work, where the efficiency of the day is only twice as high as ah!"

This is just a story, but this story shows that the conveyor belt packaging machine is already a kind of humanized equipment that can be trusted by most people.


Let's analyze that the traditional hand-packing job decomposition action is:

Grab bag - open bag mouth - grasping material - plug material - sealing (self-sealing bag manual sealing, sealer auxiliary sealing)

Workers are very familiar with the actions after numerous repeated actions...

Let us analyze the action decomposition of the operation of the conveyor bucket packaging machine:

Grab material - accurate feeding, the rest will be completed by the machine for you.

More and more people are accepting this packaging equipment. Do you have to wait?

It is such an "obedient" machine. It is small but powerful! We believe that any special product package in a certain size range can do it for you!


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    Add: No.6 Ting Tian Industry Area, Ting Tian Street, Rui'an, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-577-65112639
    Fax: +86-577-65112670
    Mobile: +8613587571010
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